Keeper's of Earthly Gifts

Inventory, Time and Wishes

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About The Author

The author resides in a small village in Northwest Ohio, with her husband. They have a beautiful family of six children, with the youngest three still at home and in school. She is a Maw-Maw to twin grandsons and a Mimi to a special little young lady. Misty is a caregiver to her epileptic spouse, advice dispenser to her three adult children and extended family, a loving owner of many pets, and an accomplished Artist.

When Misty isn’t caring for her family, she is busy with teaching others the life benefits of using crystals, herbs, and oils. Gardening and harvesting many different types of plant life on her own property has given her the ability to create tea blends to help others. With over 70 different types of dried plant life, (many from her own gardens), she has shipped her herbal tea blends world wide. She is a certified confidence coach and an Ordained wedding officiant. As an artist, Misty has sold many of her acrylic or oil landscape paintings, something she is passionate about. She uses painting as a form of meditation, a way she creates time for her own self-care.   

While trying to find a planner to fit her needs, she realized she was carrying multiple planners and a small guidebook, or one large planner and several pocket guides. “Keepers of Earthly Gifts” was born to replace all the unwanted extra baggage forced on her and others. This planner layout and design comes from her heart and she hopes others find it a more practical and useful tool that helps make life just a smidge more manageable and enjoyable.

As a person that has a lot of things to keep track of, I struggled to find the right planner to fit my needs. So, I created one that allowed me to keep track of all the gifts I already have, and manifest the ones I would like as well as keeping track of my days. I also needed space for accountability and growth. All of this I was able to create with "The Keeper's of Earthly Gifts" planner.

"The Keeper's of Earthly Gifts Inventory & Wishes" was created for those who have so many gifts, that they need more room to keep track and manifest.

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*Keeper's Planner Sample Pages*


Lets face it, technology doesn't always work how we want it too. With fifty pages dedicated to your people's names, numbers and email addresses, and 25 pages for websites you frequently visit. This book is your back-up cloud.

**When selecting the planner you would like, you will be redirected to website to purchase.**